My work is produced using a broad range of ceramic techniques using porcelain and is a response to political, social or environmental concerns. In particular my work references how we use, waste and pollute water, the use of pesticides, loss of the worlds natural habitats and global warming.

The Collection based pieces are inspired by my love of museums, with special interest in the way artefacts are displayed.

Making has always been central to my work with each piece being finished by hand. I am particularly interested in the use of multiples, which can be seen in groups or as installations in order to convey my ideas. The aim of my work is to be thought provoking whilst also aesthetically pleasing and beautiful in conveying the works subtle message

I have also developed a range of fine porcelain jewellery made with silver which refers to the fact that the creatures and insects illustrated are under threat from global warming due to loss of habitat, etc …

My recent work, called Forgotten Skills includes found objects, references the loss of the manufacturing industry and the traditional skills in the UK. The piece of work 'In the Balance' alludes to the decline of the butterfly population in Britain.